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ATALANTA Submersible Pumps are available with special features to handle seawater in offshore installations.

The construction is either in SS-316L or SDSS. Nickel Aluminum Bronze Impellers are also used in some applications. We specialize in tailor made solutions for specific requirements of the Customers.

General Construction of the pump and motor

Multistage centrifugal submersible pumps have radial or mixed how impellers. These are cast ensuring smooth water passages. Dynamically balanced impellers and shaft assemblies guarantee minimal vibrations and wear on the bearing bushes. All the Bearings are water lubricated and protected from sand and other suspended particles.

Discharge outlet fitted to the top bowl streamlines the flow which then passes through Non Return Valve. This can be supplied in screwed or flanged construction.

Intermediate piece (suction housing) of the pump is fitted with pre formed strainer to prevent entry of suspended particulate matter. Cable clips and guard are provided to protect Submersible cable coming out of the motor.

ATALANTA Submersible Motors are 2 pole 14 pole asynchronous wet squirrel cage induction motors that are water cooled and lubricated. The motor body is made of SDSS/316/304 and the motor ends are either in SDSS/316U304 or bronze material.

Tilting pad type thrust bearing is specially designed to withstand high values of axial thrust loads with minimum wear and tear. The stator windings are re-wirable and water cooled. The bearings are made of composites 1polymer 1rubber lined stainless steel.

The motor is provided with a reflux pressure - compensating device, to guard against pressure variations. The current is fed through special cables, brought out of the motor through' water tight' sealing glands and protected by means of a metal sheet covering the length of the pump.

PUMP/MOTOR Components S.D.S.S SS - 316L G.I.SS Fitted
Pump bowl (Stage casing) ASTM A-890 Gr. 5A SS 316L GI-Fg 250 Epoxy Coated
Impeller ASTM A-890 Gr. 5A SS 316L SS-316L
Pump Inlet/Intermediate piece ASTM A-890 Gr. 5A SS 316L GI-Fg 250 Epoxy Coated
Delivery casing/Outlet ASTM A-890 Gr. 5A SS 316L S.D.S.S 25/5-A890
Bowl(Casing) wear Ring SDSS-UNS-S32750/60 Ni-Al-Bronze Zinc Free Bronze
Pumpt Shaft SDSS-UNS-S32750 SS 316L SS 316L
Bowl Bush Rubber+UNS-S32750 Rubber+SS-316 Rubber+SS-316
Fasheners SDSS-UNS-S32750 SS 316 SS-304
NRV Body SDSS-UNS-S32750 SS 316L GI-Fg 250 Epoxy Coated
Motor Outer Body/Stator tube 904L SS 316L SS-304
Rotor Shaft 904L SS 431 SS-420
Motor Bush Carbon/FRP Carbon/FRP Ni Led Bronze
Thrust Bearing Tilting Pad Type Tilting Pad Type Tilting Pad Type
Mechanical Seal Sic/Sic Sic/Sic Sic/Sic
Motor Winding PE2-PA(Y Class) PE2-PA(Y Class) PE-70 ° C Mac
Pumps For RO / Desalination Projects

Pumps For
RO / Desalination Projects

With more than 4 Decades of experience in design and manufacturer of submersible pumps. Protecto is recognized for excellent product quality, performance reliability and after sales service support in critical applications in desalination and water reuse.

Pumps for different capacities in SDSS, SS31 6L or SS 304 construction are available in the range indicated below.

Single Piece cast, impellers and bowls with smooth surfaces, used by us last much longer as compared to welded Sheet metal parts.

ATALANTA Submersible motors are wet water filled re-wirable wound using high winding wires to withstand temperature up to 90°C. Thermistor controls can be provided if required. These can be repaired/Rewound at the user end.

Pumps for Offshore Drilling Rigs & Platforms

Pumps for
Offshore Drilling Rigs & Platforms

ATALANTA Submersible Pumps in SS 316 L Construction are in regular use as make up water, service water and fire water pumps on a number of rigs along the Indian Coast as well as in Middle Eastern Countries.

These are normally in the range of 75HP - 150 HP. Those on the platforms may have smaller capacities from 5HP to 30 HP. These are also available in S.D.S.S. construction.