Our Speciality

At PROTECTO ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED we mostly cater to manufacturing and servicing of pumps for companies from Oil & Gas, Mining sector itself.

This makes us specialist of these particular segments of submersible pump sets ranging from 75 HP to 150 HP.


We have serviced pumps of various MAKES in the past 40 Years for our clients hence we are well versed with any new development if any, some of the BRANDS we serviced are:

  • Pleuger (Flowserve)
  • EMU/ WILO/ S&N
  • WPIL
  • Kirloskar
  • MODY, etc

Testing Matters

After repairs, the submersible pump is tested in accordance ISO 9906/2 at our testing facility, which is latter followed by thorough inspection and quality check.

ISO 9906/2 enables testing of submersible pump on various parameters in real time conditions, as experienced during operation thus helping us ensure the readiness of the pump for client use before dispatch.


After completion of servicing and testing , we provide a detailed SERVICE REPORT and TEST REPORT mentioning the complete work done on the pump.

This reports help in maintenance of the pump in the long run, thus enabling client to track any specific problem faced by the pump during operations.