Dewatering pumps

Dewatering Pumps
Dewatering Pumps
Dewatering Pumps
Dewatering Pumps

ATALANTA SUBMERSIBLE DEWATERING PUMPS manufactured using best of materials with stringent Quality Assurance and Testing Arrangements assures a product that can be relied upon in most demanding situations in MARINE APPLICATIONS, MINES, CONSTRUCTION SITES, HEAVY INDUSTRIES etc.

These have motor windings in water tight stator housing with double mechanical seals in wholly enclosed pressure compensated oil chamber. Thermistars are provided in each phase and are connected through a multi core cable to the control panel. Vital parts including lifting handle are in SS‐304 ensuring long life.

Field adjustable nitrile rubber lined Diffuser/ Wear Plate optimizes efficiency throughout the life of the pump.

Impellers can also be provided in CF8M/316L Stainless Steel for sea water and corrosive applications and Nitride hardened 410 Stainless Steel for pumping liquids containing abrasive particles.

Pumps are individually tested to check performance in accordance with relevant BIS standards.

PSD – 1SP10 1.0Hp 8 Mtrs. 10 Cu. M /hr
PSD – 1.5SP15 1.0 HP 10 Mtrs 15 Cu. M /hr
PSD ­ 1H515 1.5 HP 12 Mtrs 15 Cu. M / hr
PSD ­ 320 3.0 HP 14 Mtrs. 20 Cu. M / hr
PSD – 540/548 5.0 HP 15 Mtrs. 40/48 Cu. M / hr
PSD ­ 7H560 7.5 HP 15 Mtrs. 60 Cu. M / hr
PSD ­ 10105 10.0 HP 15 Mtrs. 105 Cu. M / hr
PSD ­ 10105 10.0 HP 15 Mtrs. 105 Cu. M / hr
PSD ­ 15170 15.0 HP 16 Mtrs. 170 Cu. M / hr